What the HPCSA says about CPD training

15.09.20 04:51 PM Comment(s) By Louise

We received this from the HPCSA regarding CPD Points and training, see point three.

HPCSA Protecting the public and guiding the professions 

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to new and increased demands for the treatment and care of South Africans infected and affected by the virus. Health practitioners are operating under conditions that the current regulatory framework has not anticipated. 

The healthcare system will need more practitioners for an effective response against the pandemic. 
This may lead to practitioners being called upon to practise outside the usual scope of their profession and for longer periods of time. 
And yet, practitioners are already caring for sick and anxious patients, and are themselves exposed to infection. 

They are, at the same time, required to care for their infected and affected family members and loved ones. 
The guidelines below fall under the Health Professions Act and are aimed at assisting practitioners in the performance of their duties during the outbreak. 

Further changes may be made when needed based on developments around the pandemic and the response to it. 
3. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Practitioners are encouraged to continue to participate in CPD activities that are relevant to the scope of their professions during the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, the HPCSA understands that practitioners may have difficulty meeting CPD requirements due to, among other things, the cancellation of conferences, CPD activities and changed priorities. 
The HPCSA will therefore not act against practitioners who fail to submit their CPD portfolio and/or meet expected requirements while the pandemic persists. 

Further guidance in this regard will be provided to practitioners after the COVID-19 outbreak once has been brought under control. 
15. Conclusion The HPCSA believes that all practitioners registered with the Professional Boards under its ambit are committed to their patients and society in general and will use their knowledge and professional skills to assist the government and other stakeholders to ensure that the COVID-19 pandemic is effectively dealt with. 

The HPCSA will monitor developments around the pandemic and provide additional or updated guidance to practitioners as and when needed. Practitioners requiring additional guidance from Council can submit their queries to Professionalpractice@hpcsa.co.za. All the best The HPCSA Team


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