COVID-19 Risk Assessment & PPE Training

15.09.20 04:51 PM Comment(s) By Louise

Professional Emergency Care have a few training options to help meet your company’s or school’s COVID-19 infection control. 
We have been training hospital staff in the correct PPE use for the last two months and are currently doing risk assessments in the wards to pick up potential issues and provide any training that is required and help close the gaps. 

We have learnt so much along the way. Literally almost weekly new information is changing what is considered best practice. 
COVID-19 Risk Assessment PEC offers a COVID-19 Risk Assessment in your work environment to identify infection risks. 
We also provide training to fill any knowledge gaps, as well as assist in putting systems in place to reduce infection. 

Industry Specific PPE PEC can run a COVID-19 session specific to your work environment and industry. 
The PPE training will vary for cleaning staff, educators, admin staff or hospital staff. 
Topics covered include putting on and taking off masks and or gloves when appropriate, the importance of hand washing and other COVID19 infection control behaviour. 

PPE For Healthcare Providers A COVID-19 and PPE module aimed at healthcare providers on our online learning platform - Prof Portal Africa, worth 3 HPCSA CPD points. 
This is costed per person.  Click here to visit the PPA website Please contact us on 021 705 6459 or email, or visit for more information.


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