Medical Care Refresher – STCW Code A-VI/4-2

Maritime Medical Courses

Target Group

This classification should be used for all Navigational Ship’s Officers from Second Mate and higher, as well as all Grade One Fishing Officers.

Course Objectives

The Ship Captain’s Medical Refresher course has been designed to ensure the appointed medical Officer meets the First Aid requirements for rendering medical assistance to any crew member in the event of a traumatic accident or medical emergency on board. The objective is to maintain the skills and competencies of the certificate holder to a level that he or she is the extension of the Marine Doctor ashore.

They should be able to communicate with Radio medical Advice in such a way that both parties understand each other, respond appropriately to the emergency and then assist in making a diagnosis and prognosis of the casualty’s condition. Know how to treat the casualty according to the advice given via Radio Medical Advice, and then monitor and nurse the casualty and report back on the progress regularly.


All senior officers and Ship Captains. (Engineering and Navigational Personnel), irrespective of their academic training and qualification who hold a Medical Care certificate that is expiring can complete the Medical Care refresher course.


The course is 24 Hours duration, including practical evaluation, oral examination, and a written examination. And a compulsory hospital shift in a casualty performing the learned skills under supervision.


The certificate is valid for 5 years