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EMOVA - Evidence-Based Management of Oxygenation, 
Ventilation and Airway Management

Healthcare Provider Courses

This is a two-day course focusing on the application of knowledge through team-based simulations for the management of oxygenation, ventilation and airway in the critically ill or injured patient.

Online pre-course reading, and activities are available through the AIEM learner management system and all participants are required to submit the pre-course activity before attending the programme.

Target Group

The course provides training for:

  • Healthcare providers whose occupation or volunteer activities require oxygenation, ventilation and airway management skills.
  • Professionals in the field of emergency care (EMS, Emergency Department practitioners, nurses and doctors)

Course Content

Anatomy and Physiology relevant to the patient who requires oxygenation, ventilation or airway management

  • Assessing and managing oxygenation, ventilation and the emergent airway in an ill or critically injured patient
  • Decision making with regard to critical oxygenation and failure to provide this through conventional methods, surgical airway management and the vortex approach


  • Skills based, and simulation based practical course
  • Practical ‘wet lab’ skills stations with advanced equipment
  • Limited to 12 participants per course


Students who successfully complete the EMOVA Course will receive an AIEM Certificate of Completion and CPD certificate.

Student Materials:

Students are granted access to the online student resources for EMOVA (pre-reading and test for each learning area)

  • Student is required to pass each test before arrival to the course
  • Access is granted for 1 year from enrolment in the course

CEU: 24 (including 2 ethics points)