Emergency Care Level 2

CPR & First Aid Courses

Target Group

The Level 2 Emergency Care has been designed to provide training in emergency life-saving skills for the workplace, as well as for the public. This course is for members of the public who do not require to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Course Objectives

This training covers a more advanced range of trauma and medical emergencies, preparing anyone to respond appropriately to an emergency or accident.

The curricula covers scene management, Elementary and applied anatomy and physiology, CPR including adult, child and infant, choking, the management of bleeding, burns, shock, heart attack, stroke, environmental emergencies, diabetes, epilepsy and other causes of unconsciousness. Fractures, splinting and immobilization. Head injuries, chest injuries. Poisons bites and stings.


First Aiders with a valid level 1 certificate wishing to increase their knowledge and skills. Without a level 1 certificate, the course is lengthened to 4 days. Also ideal for any higher risk industry or areas far from ambulance services where the response to an emergency may be delayed.


24 Hours duration including the practical evaluation and a written examination.
Level 1 & 2 together is lengthened to 32 hours.


Both practical skills assessment and a written examination is facilitated to ensure competencies are achieved. The certificate is valid for 3 years

Refresher Course

We offer a Level 2 refresher course over 16 hours. Your level 2 certificate must still be in date. (three months before expiry).