ECP CPG Update

Healthcare Provider Courses

The release of the HPCSA’s CPG Guidelines in 2018 has changed or increased all the levels of EMS professionals’ protocols. This updating or refreshing is needed by every registered practicing individual to enable them to add the new skills and drugs in their scope.

The ECP CPG refresher programme is a blended learning programme including approximately 24 hours of online interaction with theory content, and 2 days of practical exposure to the latest guideline’s skills and practical requirements. The course has been designed to meet all the needs of the ANT practitioner in the 2018 CPG guideline update and covers all the theory information required to update best practice.

Target Group

Students must be currently registered with HPCSA as an ECP (on the ECP register)

Course Content

To provide the ECP practitioner with an approach to patient assessment and treatment within the latest CPG update.


24 Hour online theory component with theory competency testing on each of the medication components (this meets the requirement of the CPG guideline for formal testing).

16 hours of practical engagement including practical testing on each skill that is updated/new as part of the 2018 CPG update.


Students will receive a course completion certificate, which has been approved through the HPCSA to meet the requirement for the ECP CPG update.

Student Materials

All reading material will be available through the online site “Pressbooks” for the student to interact with, this means the student must have a trustworthy internet connection and be able to navigate through the videos, podcasts and other resources available for learning.
Online theory is tested through the online testing platform and a final written test is part of the certification requirement.

CEU: 30