AEA CPG Update

Healthcare Provider Courses

Target Group

The release of the HPCSA’s CPG Guidelines in 2018 has changed or increased all the levels of EMS professionals’ protocols. This updating or refreshing is needed by every registered practicing individual to enable them to add the new skills and drugs in their scope.

The volume of new content needing to be covered cannot be done in 2 days! The blended learning program will allow you to complete online modules at your own pace and time, covering most of the theory before you come to class. Classroom days will be intensely practical with scenarios and simulations.

Course Content

AEA CPG Update:
The AEA CPG Update will be using a blended learning approach. Once you have registered and paid and have a confirmed a seat on an AEA CPG three-day course you will be emailed a login for the online system.

There are 10 modules online – 2 of which can be left out if you provide us with an in-date AHA BLS card or CPR for Professionals certificate. Some will be completed online and issued a CPD certificate for 3 points each. Some will only be released once you have been assessed on a skill during the classroom days.

You will get a manual /workbook to do essential pre-course preparation

Then attend the 2-day classroom program with skills evaluation and an exam. (24 CPD Points)


  1. Vital Signs
  2. Obstetric management
  3. Spinal Motion Restriction
  4. Basic ECG interpretation
  5. Incubator Use
  6. Adult BLS
  7. Paed BLS
  8. Penthroxyflurane
  9. Asthma -Hydrocortisone/ Methyl prednisone
  10. Injection


With successful completion you could have earned 42 or 48 CPD points!

The AEA could have a total of 48 or 54 CPD points – almost set for two years!

Come and have fun, improve your skills and get updated on the latest HPCSA protocols!


56 Victoria Road, Plumstead, Cape Town


08:00 till 16:30